Welcome! How to start a business (in English)

The MEB regularly holds a two hour lasting information session. This session is free of charge and open to the public. Topics include an overview of startup formalities, choice of legal form and tax overview, private and operational security, subsidies and financial aids and coaching-programs. The session is regularly conducted in German only. An English language session can be attended every 3 to 4 months.

I’m going self-employed! Starting your own business

These guidelines are designed to help you:

Our tutorials can give you a good overview covering all relevant start-up topics:

1. Starting a business – General formalities
2. Business or liberal profession?
3. Marketing mix
4. Business model
5. Business plan – Written presentation
6. Business plan – Financial section
7. Social insurance
8. Choice of legal structure
9. Overview of tax issues
10. Finance, support and subsidies
11. Munich Business Startup Office (MEB)
12. Company insurance
13. Start-up grant
14. Starting a sideline business
15. Choosing your location


Starting a Business: General formalities & considerations

How to start a restaurant business

Commercial use of premises

Setting up a retail business

Business-plan template:

Business-plan template (pdf) by the City of Munich, Department of Labor and Economic Development

Other pdf-Downloads:

Start your business now | Your guide for success (in English)
This comprehensive brochure covers key issues of starting your own business: 80 pages packed full with information around legal structure, taxes, business planning and financing and much more.

Register for our German language session:

Unsere 2-stündige kostenfreie Informationsveranstaltung “Ich mache mich selbständig!” gibt Ihnen einen Überblick zu Themen wie Gründungsformalitäten, Rechtsformwahl und Steuerüberblick, private und betriebliche Absicherung, Businessplan-Kurzüberblick, Förderangebote und Finanzierungshilfen sowie Coachingprogramme. Hier online anmelden